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Why are we building SendingMe?

Limitations in communication, identity, and ownership will be the catalyst in the global transition from Web2 to Web3. 

This growing gap in the market presented an opportunity for us to create a next-gen application for Web3 native users that would become a one-stop solution. 

No more switching between different platforms! SendingMe will combine all the features that you use daily, and we are also working on many innovations that will further enhance the user experience.

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8 NFT Hacks That You Should Know About

The emergence of non-fungible tokens and their subsequent meteoric rise has attracted a host of NFT scammers out searching for the next meal ticket.

And while the NFT bubble of 2021 has well and truly popped – with the speculative hype train gone (for the time being) – NFT thefts and hacks are happening at a record pace, despite NFT prices and sales currently at record 12-month lows.

Follow along as we discuss the most common schemes scammers use to steal NFTs in this article.

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